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Crohn’s and Cannabis

Crohn’s and Cannabis – The Hows and Whys With each day, the public becomes more aware of cannabis’s potential for treating a number of ailments: chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, and even debilitating seizure disorders. The media has, however, ignored one particular disease that responds incredibly well to marijuana. Crohn’s disease, an inflammation of the digestive … Keep reading..

What is NORML?

The National Organization For Marijuana Legalization, or NORML, is a not for profit organization tasked with the responsibility of supporting and catalyzing the fight for legal cannabis in the United States. With over 40 years of experience navigating these troubled waters, NORML prides itself on providing “a voice for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition” … Keep reading..

Is My Religion Okay with Cannabis?

If you subscribe to a particular religion, whether Abrahamic or otherwise, you may have questioned whether cannabis use is acceptable or offensive. You may have even asked if it was – gasp – sinful. Before we delve into this, I should stress that any person’s religious beliefs are their own. Their relationship to their god, … Keep reading..

How to Select Fine Cannabis for Smoking

New to buying legal weed? Let us guide you. Considering cannabis prohibition is just now slowly fading away, frequenting a dispensary is a unique and remarkable experience. It’s pretty amazing to browse among varied display cases filled with generous selections of cannabis flower, topicals, concentrates and edibles to purchase. Welcome to the wonderful world of … Keep reading..

Which States Could Legalize Cannabis in 2016

And Which States Aren’t Far Behind This year is looking pretty good for cannabis. Voters being called to the polls this November will have several opportunities to push the legalization effort forward. In at least four states chances are fairly good that cannabis could be made fully legal for adult use and in six others … Keep reading..

Elevating at Elevation

Getting lifted in the Mile High City? Here’s what you should know…. by Randy Robinson If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, and that trip includes picking up some legal cannabis, there’s a few things you should know. Even if you’re from here, it’s always good to refresh this information. You should know that getting … Keep reading..

History of the D.A.R.E. Program

D.A.R.E. Program

Did It Really Keep Kids Off Drugs? When and Why It Was Created. If you went to school in the United States from the 80s on, chances are you took a course through D.A.R.E. program. D.A.R.E., which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, began in 1983 with the intention of providing alternative support and … Keep reading..

5 Hemp-Infused Buys You Need In Your Beauty Bag


Let’s be honest: sometimes you want to be lookin’ fly—without technically flying high. That’s where these hemp beauty buys come into play. While they’re still weed-related, using the plant and leaving the THC behind means you can reap some of the major benefits of cannabis without taking a rip off the old bong. (Though these … Keep reading..