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Cannabis May Prevent Obesity

A Washington Post article I read put it pretty bluntly with its opening statement,  “Want to take a bit out of the American Obesity epidemic? Legalize medicinal marijuana.” They make it sound so obvious. And so easy.

A recent study discovered that in states that passed medical marijuana laws, the population had a 2% to 6% decline in their probability of obesity.

Some of the findings indicate why cannabis could be preventing obesity.  For older users, cannabis increased physical mobility because it reduces pain and inflammation – HELLO, ARTHRITIS. Basically, folks who would be highly immobile due to arthritic issues or other aches and pains are able to use cannabis and regain much of that mobility back.  So they aren’t sitting around all day because it hurts too much to move.

In younger users, cannabis often correlates with a decreased consumption of alcohol – which is high calorie – which increases chances of weight gain.

“Our findings show that the enactment of MMLs [medical marijuana law] is associated with a 3.1% reduction in the probability of alcohol consumption and a 4.8% reduction in the probability of binge drinking.”

Do these figures and findings resonate with you? In Colorado and Washington states, where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational purposes, recent stats show great health among residents…

Brittany Driver

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