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Legalize it – Macedonia

Legalize it – Macedonia The latest country to sit at the cool kids table is Macedonia. That is right, loveable Macedonia (do you know ANYTHING about Macedonia???l) decided just last week to legalize medical cannabis! The Health Minister announced plans to have medical marijuana available for patients to purchase in regular pharmacies across the country. … Keep reading..

Cannabis May Prevent Obesity

Cannabis May Prevent Obesity A Washington Post article I read put it pretty bluntly with its opening statement,  “Want to take a bit out of the American Obesity epidemic? Legalize medicinal marijuana.” They make it sound so obvious. And so easy. A recent study discovered that in states that passed medical marijuana laws, the population had … Keep reading..

Men’s Journal Asks, Can MaryJane Fix Your Sex Life?

“When you get supremely stoned, you’re probably not good for taking care of anything beyond a couple bags of Doritos.” At face value, a funny line, sure, but certainly not complimentary or sensitive. And not super amusing to patients with issues such as severe nausea or wasting syndrome, who use cannabis to be able to … Keep reading..

Cannabis Urban Legends: The Drive Thru Recreational Dispensary

Prior to 4/20 we were checking out what big things were happening in cannabis around the country.  One thing we saw was a video from Now This Marijuana, in which recreational users in Oregon were given a glimpse of a 4/20 miracle. Check out the Now This video for yourself. It sounded too good to … Keep reading..

Cannabis – Lost in Translation

Cannabis – Lost in Translation Reporters were getting it all wrong on January 15th, when stories began to flood the internet about the “cannabis drug” research trial. 6 people in the study had been hospitalized. As of this writing 1 research volunteer has died and 4 remaining 5 being hospitalized currently suffer from “deep necrotic … Keep reading..

4 Presents to Please Your Weed Lovin’ Man

4 Presents to Please Your Weed Lovin’ Man 1. Weed Apparel Button up shirts are boring gifts. They just are. Instead, pick from the seemingly unlimited choices when shopping for cannabis-inspired clothing. You name it and someone, somewhere, had made it with a pot leaf or two on it. Undies? Check. Adult footie pajamas? Check! … Keep reading..

3 Reasons To Grow Your Own Cannabis


3 Reasons To Grow  Your Own Cannabis In the cannabis industry, having a green thumb can be a very profitable skill.  It may not be naturally easy for everyone, but gardening can be very satisfying in a variety of ways. If cannabis is legal to grow in your state, we highly recommend you give it … Keep reading..

He Had Nothing Left To Lose – Cannabis Oil Brought Him Back

He Had Nothing To Lose Cannabis Oil Brought Him Back   When David Hibbitt, 32, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer his heart dropped. The expectation for his outcome was grim. The doctors gave him a mere 18 months to live. He decided to fight it. Hibbit did what many do, and quickly adopted … Keep reading..