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Prohibitions Influence On The Legal System

It’s no secret that the US 1920’s ALCOHOL PROHIBITION did NOT work at all! For those thirteen years, vast amounts of wealth were created illegally on the black market. The basic law of economics teaches us that where EVER there is a demand, a supply will be created. Perhaps an even more destructive prohibition in … Keep reading..

5 Hemp-Infused Buys You Need In Your Beauty Bag


Let’s be honest: sometimes you want to be lookin’ fly—without technically flying high. That’s where these hemp beauty buys come into play. While they’re still weed-related, using the plant and leaving the THC behind means you can reap some of the major benefits of cannabis without taking a rip off the old bong. (Though these … Keep reading..

First Domestic Certified Hemp Seeds Issued by Colorado Department of Agriculture

Certified Hemp Seeds

The new, certified hemp seeds yield crops consistently low enough in THC to qualify as “hemp” instead of “marijuana.” Obtaining consistent hemp seeds for cultivation in the U.S. is largely a gamble. Due to the underdevelopment of viable federal hemp farming programs, large-scale hemp seed trade has been vastly unreliable. Regulations and scarcity create cost-prohibitive … Keep reading..

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks

Cannabis tour guide reviews her Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks made from hemp.  Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Topical Compound From the ground-breaking company, Mary’s Medicinals, this product is nothing short of a life saver. Made with activated CBDA and THCA, the compound has a carrying agent that allows the active cannabinoids to access … Keep reading..

Hemp Car 2.0 – Video

Hemp Car 2.0 – Video If you glanced at this red sports car, you might think to yourself, “Well that’s just a normal car, nothing special about that.” But you’d be wrong – it’s made from around 100 pounds of hemp and is more 10x MORE dent resistant than steel! It’s even lighter than fiberglass … Keep reading..

3 Hemp Beauty Products You Should Try

The multitude of benefits that cannabis can provide becomes more and more often common knowledge every single day. And with that growing acceptance, some companies are taking those canna-benefits to the bathroom. Make way lipstick tested on animals, scoot over rectangular soap, see you later greasy lotion – cannabis is here. 1. Lip Color Colorganics, … Keep reading..