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Breathe Easy: Pot Doesn’t Cause Brain Damage

You’ve probably heard the ol’ scare tactic before: Smoking cannabis causes brain damage. That’s a complete myth. The most recent research suggests cannabis may actually regrow brain cells rather than destroy them. How the Myth Started All of the documentaries and websites that cater to cannabis love talking about Harry Anslinger and his Reefer Madness … Keep reading..

Purple Squid Google Eyes

First there was the Purple Blob. Evidently the purple blob got hold of some LSD and grew tentacles. Perhaps someone evolved the Purple Orb-emon and now it has more CP. Seriously, this has to be an elaborate troll by the “researchers”the Nautilus E/V, because this crazy looking creature is too much. The Nautilus E/V is a … Keep reading..

You Should Know: Eugene Monroe

You Should Know – NFL player Eugene Monroe Eugene Monroe, former Jacksonville Jaguars football player and current Baltimore Ravens tackle – recently donated $80,000 to cannabis research. When questioned about his personal marijuana use, Monroe upheld that he has not and does not utilize marijuana in any capacity. What he did say was that the … Keep reading..

Relationships on Weed

  Relationships on Weed Romantic relationships can lift you up, support you when you need it and provide a sense of deep love and understanding to each partner. Or they can royally screw you up. Honestly, it’s how I feel about certain strains of marijuana, too. But unless you commit to completely isolating yourself (and … Keep reading..

Cannabis – Lost in Translation

Cannabis – Lost in Translation Reporters were getting it all wrong on January 15th, when stories began to flood the internet about the “cannabis drug” research trial. 6 people in the study had been hospitalized. As of this writing 1 research volunteer has died and 4 remaining 5 being hospitalized currently suffer from “deep necrotic … Keep reading..