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Purple Squid Google Eyes

Thursday August 18, 2016

First there was the Purple Blob. Evidently the purple blob got hold of some LSD and grew tentacles. Perhaps someone evolved the Purple Orb-emon and now it has more CP. Seriously, this has to be an elaborate troll by the “researchers”the Nautilus E/V, because this crazy looking creature is too much.

The Nautilus E/V is a research vessel that provides live streaming footage from ROVs that explore the sea floor. Researchers are currently making their way up the coast of California. This time they found a stubby squid that was quite literally staring them down as the ROV moved over it.


“You lookin’ at me buddy?! I’m swimmin here!”

What TF is going on? The reason it’s eyes are sticking out is because of the way the stubby squid inhabits the seafloor. It has a mucous jacket that suctions it to the bottom, leaving its eyes peeled back to spot prey swimming above.

I can’t wait for the creature Nautilus Live finds next. Purple is so last week, perhaps they can start finding creatures with polka dots? Quick, someone put a wig on a starfish and toss it into the Pacific. This team is bound to come across it eventually.

CCT Staff

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