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Breathe Easy: Pot Doesn’t Cause Brain Damage

You’ve probably heard the ol’ scare tactic before: Smoking cannabis causes brain damage. That’s a complete myth. The most recent research suggests cannabis may actually regrow brain cells rather than destroy them. How the Myth Started All of the documentaries and websites that cater to cannabis love talking about Harry Anslinger and his Reefer Madness … Keep reading..

Purple Squid Google Eyes

First there was the Purple Blob. Evidently the purple blob got hold of some LSD and grew tentacles. Perhaps someone evolved the Purple Orb-emon and now it has more CP. Seriously, this has to be an elaborate troll by the “researchers”the Nautilus E/V, because this crazy looking creature is too much. The Nautilus E/V is a … Keep reading..

Marijuana Missionaries

Marijuana Missionaries

Marijuana Missionary If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of connectedness and spirituality that arises after that first toke of cannabis. And if you’ve consumed regularly with a group of friends, you’ve probably noticed that you collectively adopt certain rituals when smoking together. Call it history and human nature. We like to assemble and … Keep reading..

Adolescent Cannabis Use Declines

A recent study including over 215,000 adolescents spanning the 50 states is giving cannabis consumers good news. While the moral majority assumed and asserted that marijuana legalization would lead to an increase in use among children and teens, the study conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis discovered a very different story coming together. Cannabis … Keep reading..

Our favorite excerpts from Carl Sagan as Mr. X

Our favorite excerpts from Carl Sagan as Mr. X   Much like today, it wasn’t super acceptable for community leaders to come out as proponents for cannabis when Carl Sagan was bouncing around. So when Sagan had something to say he said it under the pseudonym, Mr. X.  Here are some of our favorite excerpts … Keep reading..