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Big Pharma Takes on Pot Painkillers

What is better for a stomach ache than a big joint? Anyone? I’ll wait. That’s right, cannabis just might be nature’s most pungent painkiller and an effective one at that. It can work to not only dull chronic pain, but quite often users report it lightens their mood while it is at it. High spirits … Keep reading..

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

You may have heard about the THC spray for cancer and AIDS patients. THC, of course, is the molecule in marijuana responsible for getting us high. The THC spray, sold under the brand name Marinol, is 100 percent legal in the United States with a prescription. What’s the difference between the THC in Marinol and … Keep reading..

Breathe Easy: Pot Doesn’t Cause Brain Damage

You’ve probably heard the ol’ scare tactic before: Smoking cannabis causes brain damage. That’s a complete myth. The most recent research suggests cannabis may actually regrow brain cells rather than destroy them. How the Myth Started All of the documentaries and websites that cater to cannabis love talking about Harry Anslinger and his Reefer Madness … Keep reading..

Elevating at Elevation

Getting lifted in the Mile High City? Here’s what you should know…. by Randy Robinson If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, and that trip includes picking up some legal cannabis, there’s a few things you should know. Even if you’re from here, it’s always good to refresh this information. You should know that getting … Keep reading..

Could Cannabis Protect You From Melanoma?

Cancer. It is a very scary word associated with an experience most people hope they will never have to personally deal with. Melanoma, or skin cancer, is something anyone can get because you can develop it simply from exposure to UV rays. Do you frequently go outside for long periods of time without first applying a liberal amount of UV sun … Keep reading..

HELL NO! WE…Don’t Know Where To Go To Consume Cannabis?

HELL NO! WE…don’t know where to go. A Case for Vapor Lounges.   I  I just read an article in The Cannabist by Ed Murrieta—- about places to go vaporize pot in San Francisco, California. There were at least five places in the city where a person can either purchase cannabis and use it in … Keep reading..

6 Ways Cannabis is the Key to Eternal Youth

6 Ways Cannabis is the Key to Eternal Youth The human body is a very unique and complex machine – and that isn’t news to anyone. What is news to a lot of people is how cannabis can help that human body – and there are countless way. But we’ve got to start somewhere.   … Keep reading..