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Could Cannabis Protect You From Melanoma?

Monday June 06, 2016


It is a very scary word associated with an experience most people hope they will never have to personally deal with. Melanoma, or skin cancer, is something anyone can get because you can develop it simply from exposure to UV rays.

Do you frequently go outside for long periods of time without first applying a liberal amount of UV sun protection? If so, you have been putting yourself at risk for developing melanoma. Do you like to visit the tanning salon during winter months to keep that bronze tone? If so, you are drastically increasing your chances of developing skin cancer.

What is there to do to protect yourself from melanoma, other than sunscreen  and avoiding tanning beds at all costs?

Believe it or not, cannabis just might do the trick! A study profiled in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showed that when mice with melanoma cells were treated with a combination of both THC and CBD, those melanoma cells began to die. 

“Collectively, our findings suggest that THC activates noncanonical autophagy-mediated apoptosis of melanoma cells…”

Now, another study has come to light, showing again that THC has a positive effect on the treatment of skin cancer (in mice).

“KEY FINDINGS: THC significantly inhibited tumor growth of transplanted HCmel12 melanomas in a CB receptor-dependent manner in vivo through antagonistic effects on its characteristic pro-inflammatory microenvironment.”

…or, HEY! THC kills skin cancer everyone!


This is good news but it doesn’t actually PROVE anything YET! First,  it has been replicated multiple times, otherwise it just isn’t confirmed science.

Two times down…

Brittany Driver

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