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Things To Do in Denver While You’re Stoned

While visiting Denver, there’s plenty to do from sight-seeing and dispensary-hopping, to checking out the local food scene. In between all of that, you might want to get in on a little culture as well.  Here’s 7 things to do while stoned in the Denver. -Arcades are a fun way to interact, whether you’re getting … Keep reading..

Top 5 Restaurants in Denver

When in the Mile High City, one is apt to get the munchies. In a fast changing city such as Denver, it’s good to have a few solid spots to go for grub. People often ask me about my favorite spots, and while it’s hard to pick, these places have certainly found a special place … Keep reading..

Denver Voters Pass Onsite Consumption Initiative

The New Regulation Will Enable Some Local Businesses To Apply For “Social Use” Permits Passed this election cycle, Denver Initiative 300, the “Neighborhood-Supported Social Cannabis Consumption Initiative,” a policy type known industry-wide as “Social Use,” allows businesses to seek a permit for cannabis consumption on premises. This makes Denver one of the first cities in … Keep reading..

Remembering the Women Grow Leadership Summit 2016

Remembering the Women Grow Leadership Summit 2016 The Women Grow Leadership Summit is not just an unprecedented gift to female entrepreneurs of and interested in the cannabis industry – It is also a lesson in the old adage, “Where there is a will there is a way.”   In 2015, just one year ago, the … Keep reading..

7 Wonders of the Weed Mecca or How We Upped Our Denver 420 Game

7 Wonders of the Weed Mecca or How We Upped Our Denver 420 Game With this year’s usual 4/20 Colorado Cannabis Cup being held in California instead (there will still be an awards presentation and a concert from High Times on 4/19), we at Colorado Cannabis Tours wanted to do everything we could to make sure the … Keep reading..

Great Food, Great Company, Great Cannabis Smoking – Denver Mason Jar Event Group!

CCT Mason Jar Event Group Denver

No Better Place To Be Social events always lead to one big question for me…where is the weed and where can i smoke it? Anyone who has been to a party with me can attest to it. And while pot is a given at parties and casual get-togethers, regardless of which of the 50 states … Keep reading..