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Blunted Objects Creates Bling for the High Minded and Stylish

Blunted Objects Creates Bling for the High Minded and Stylish Zoe Wilder Gone are the days of tacky wacky tobaccy rings, bracelets and necklaces. With “a commitment to destroy the stigma associated with smoking weed, redefine the image of the once-taboo plant, and create a peaceful universe that everybody, smokers or not, can co-exist,” Blunted … Keep reading..

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Cannabis has been known to strengthen bonds, relieve tension, enhance mood, stimulate laughter, inspire adventure, elevate creativity and heighten sensations. It’s no wonder this passionate plant has found a meaningful place in romantic relationships. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the symbiotic relationship between cannabis and love by presenting your amor with one of these eight thoughtful … Keep reading..

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Oregon

Marijuana Jobs

What it Takes to Work in Cannabis in Oregon Recreational Cannabis Workers must now obtain a “Marijuana Worker Permit” Currently, Oregon has two legal cannabis markets; recreational and medical. While the recreational market is quickly becoming vastly larger there, working in a recreationally licensed business requires a “Marijuana Worker Permit” issued by the Oregon Liquor … Keep reading..

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Washington State

Marijuana Jobs

What it takes to work in Cannabis in Washington State Recreational Cannabis Workers should come prepared with retail sales experience and a knowledge of cannabis Currently, Washington has two legal cannabis markets; recreational and medical. The medical market in Washington State is slowly phasing out and the recreational market is actually expanding at the moment. … Keep reading..

8 Reasons Hanukkah is a Kick-Ass Holiday

Cannabis Hanukkah

“Hanukkah” is derived from the Hebrew verb “חנך”, meaning “to dedicate,” and celebrates the Maccabean Jews regaining control of Jerusalem and rededication of their Holy Temple in Jerusalem in 165 BCE. As the Jews went to light the temple’s menorah, a form of candleabra, to commemorate this occurrence, they found only a single flask of … Keep reading..

8 Cannabis-Infused Recipes for the Holidays

Cannabis Infused Holiday Recipes

Celebrate the season with these delectable homemade edibles! Deck the halls with delicious cannabis infused goodies this holiday season. From spiked beverages to elevated desserts, and everything in between, these chefs show you how to get baked, literally. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. So start slow, portion mindfully and enjoy the ride! … Keep reading..

Proper Cannabis Etiquette

Proper Cannabis Etiquette

High-minded tips for consuming cannabis with grace. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or you’re just getting started, these practical tips on cannabis etiquette will help guide you. Respect the space and situation. Before blazing, take a look around and make sure you’re in a safe spot to consume. Private locations are best. Never assume it’s … Keep reading..

Denver Voters Pass Onsite Consumption Initiative

The New Regulation Will Enable Some Local Businesses To Apply For “Social Use” Permits Passed this election cycle, Denver Initiative 300, the “Neighborhood-Supported Social Cannabis Consumption Initiative,” a policy type known industry-wide as “Social Use,” allows businesses to seek a permit for cannabis consumption on premises. This makes Denver one of the first cities in … Keep reading..

States That Legalized Recreational Cannabis in 2016

Cannabis Legalized in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine! Here’s how and when you can use recreational cannabis in these four states. In the 2016 election cycle, four more states legalized recreational cannabis. California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine now join the ranks of legal cannabis in the United States. With recreational laws already passed in Alaska, … Keep reading..

The Top 5 Cannabis Careers of 2016

Looking for a new line of work? Try a career in the cannabis industry. It’s said the cannabis industry is growing so rapidly that working in it for just one year is equivalent to three years working in any other industry. Currently, 25 states plus Washington D.C. have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Four … Keep reading..