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How to Get a Cannabis Job in Colorado

Marijuana Jobs

If you want to work in marijuana retail sales in the first state to legalize recreational pot, it’s easy. But there’s an application process, complete with various forms and fees. And you must follow and obey all Colorado marijuana laws. Ask yourself, “Do I really want a cannabis job?” Before entering the cannabis industry, understand … Keep reading..

Things To Do in Denver While You’re Stoned

While visiting Denver, there’s plenty to do from sight-seeing and dispensary-hopping, to checking out the local food scene. In between all of that, you might want to get in on a little culture as well.  Here’s 7 things to do while stoned in the Denver. -Arcades are a fun way to interact, whether you’re getting … Keep reading..

Top 5 Restaurants in Denver

When in the Mile High City, one is apt to get the munchies. In a fast changing city such as Denver, it’s good to have a few solid spots to go for grub. People often ask me about my favorite spots, and while it’s hard to pick, these places have certainly found a special place … Keep reading..

Top 6 Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Marijuana Travel Colorado

If you’re visiting Colorado, you should consider making Colorado Springs one of your stops. A relatively conservative town with a strong military and religious presence, the city is also home to a number of exquisite ethnic and domestic dining spots, hidden away in the quiet corners of “The Springs.” Most of these restaurants are exclusive … Keep reading..

The 6 Best Bars/Clubs in Colorado Springs

Marijuana Travel Colorado

If you’re swinging through Colorado via Colorado Cannabis Tours, then you’re old enough to get toasty on some fine liquor, too.   Colorado Springs, the second-largest city in the Centennial State, has more than its fair share of bars, clubs, and other 21+ venues for getting your drank on. Each of these businesses is specific … Keep reading..

First Domestic Certified Hemp Seeds Issued by Colorado Department of Agriculture

Certified Hemp Seeds

The new, certified hemp seeds yield crops consistently low enough in THC to qualify as “hemp” instead of “marijuana.” Obtaining consistent hemp seeds for cultivation in the U.S. is largely a gamble. Due to the underdevelopment of viable federal hemp farming programs, large-scale hemp seed trade has been vastly unreliable. Regulations and scarcity create cost-prohibitive … Keep reading..

Contrast and Compare – Dispensary Process in Legalized States

Colorado Cannabis Tours Dispensary Visit

Editor’s note: Have you ever wondered how the states differ in dispensary visits? This blog is a “how to” that describes the dispensary process in legalized states. We will update this list as more states legalize recreational marijuana. COLORADO Inspection Every dispensary has its own company policy regarding workers or customers handling the product. Some … Keep reading..

Necessity is the Mother of Invention – This 4/20 Colorado Cannabis Tours is the Inventor.

Necessity is the mother of invention And this 4/20 Colorado Cannabis Tours is the inventor   This year the High Times Cannabis Cup moved the regularly scheduled 4/20 event in Denver, Colorado to California. This might have left a massive hole in the plans of thousands of tourists heading to Denver for the High Holidaze. … Keep reading..

Quickie: WTF Happened With The Cannabis Cup

Pueblo High Times Cannabis Cup 2016

This year, High Times has moved the US Cannabis Cup to California. For real. Now this super cool graphic we created is going to go waste. So…WTF happened? Earlier this year, the High Times US Cannabis Cup 2016 made news when it was revealed that their annual event at the Denver Mart would not go down … Keep reading..

Burn One For Bernie

    Bernie Sanders is the most cannabis friendly Presidential candidate this Prohibition riddled United States has seen. The guy has already earned the votes of those who know he would absolutely end this ridiculous war on drugs that has gone on for decades with no end in sight.  But what some Sanders’ supporters might … Keep reading..