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Medical Marijuana Changed My Life With Sickle Cell

It first begins with a tingling sensation, sometimes in my hands, sometimes in my ankles. I never know which body part will be targeted. The tingling eventually builds into a pain that literally leaves me sick to my stomach. And finally…I have no choice but to curl up into a fetal position until it subsides. … Keep reading..

How To: Do Dabs

How To: Do Dabs It may be old news for MANY of you, but for just as many doing dabs is something totally different than the norm. Whether you’ve never tried em, or you’re an expert – this video will entertain, no doubt. Bobby Black from High Times Magazine lays it all out for the … Keep reading..

Cannabis May Prevent Obesity

Cannabis May Prevent Obesity A Washington Post article I read put it pretty bluntly with its opening statement,  “Want to take a bit out of the American Obesity epidemic? Legalize medicinal marijuana.” They make it sound so obvious. And so easy. A recent study discovered that in states that passed medical marijuana laws, the population had … Keep reading..

Men’s Journal Asks, Can MaryJane Fix Your Sex Life?

“When you get supremely stoned, you’re probably not good for taking care of anything beyond a couple bags of Doritos.” At face value, a funny line, sure, but certainly not complimentary or sensitive. And not super amusing to patients with issues such as severe nausea or wasting syndrome, who use cannabis to be able to … Keep reading..