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What it’s like on a Colorado Cannabis Tour


Each weekend, dozens of curious canna tourists round up at the downtown Denver Cheba Hut, a local sandwich spot. While heavy on stoner humor, this restaurant doesn’t actually sell any weed-infused products. Cheba Hut, a well-known Colorado staple, has their menu themed in a certain cannabis-centric vernacular, like a pinner Kush or the Acapulco gold. … Keep reading..

How To: Do Dabs

How To: Do Dabs It may be old news for MANY of you, but for just as many doing dabs is something totally different than the norm. Whether you’ve never tried em, or you’re an expert – this video will entertain, no doubt. Bobby Black from High Times Magazine lays it all out for the … Keep reading..

Concentrates 101: Collecting Kief with Funky Skunk – Video

Concentrates 101: Collecting Kief with Funky Skunk – Video Follow along with the video and see an expert collect kief for pressing into hash. Dry Sift/Screen Method   1. For best results use only properly cured, frozen material. Frozen trichomes break off of their stalk and are more easily separated from the plant material. 2. … Keep reading..