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Ribbon Cutting of Denver Marijuana Hospitality License for Cannabis Tours

DENVER, April 18, 2023 (Press Release) – Colorado Cannabis Tours, operating out of Denver, Colorado, was just awarded a marijuana hospitality license, earning them the right to provide a space for social cannabis consumption within city limits. After close to 10 years in the cannabis space and aiding lawmakers in creating the Marijuana Hospitality Bill, Cannabis … Keep reading..

Policy Updates for our StayHighFam

Tuesday March 01, 2022

We made it! THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS! The city and County of Denver has finally released all Covid restrictions. The policies below will remain loosely enforced and as a recommended guideline. Thank you for your support through the pandemic, we are happy to get back to business as normal! Click here to read our full … Keep reading..

In the season finale of Bravo’s Charleston-based reality show Southern Charm, single southern socialites traveled to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a more-than-mile-high experience in the mountains outside of Denver. Complete with skiing and snowboarding, a wintry wood-paneled lodge, lots of wine, food, and beer, and tour and infused dinner services provided by CannabisTours.com, the episode … Keep reading..

Cannavines Cannabis Wine California Partnership

Colorado Cannabis Tours and California Cannabis Tours are pleased to announce a new partnership with CannaVines Cannabis infused wine. We will be serving select varieties of this biodynamic cannabis-infused wine. These marijuana-infused wine tinctures will be available as part of the Bay Area Wine and Weed Tour. There has been a long tradition of high-end … Keep reading..

Lance Herbstrong’s Kamal Solimon Answers Our Questions by: Avital Norman Nathman Lance Herbstrong — the 420-friendly party band consisting of producer and percussionist Kamal Soliman, guitarist Peter DiStefano, and engineer Bill Sarver — has been making a name for itself when it comes to creating amazing mash-ups and original tunes. The band, which has collaborated … Keep reading..

The New Regulation Will Enable Some Local Businesses To Apply For “Social Use” Permits Passed this election cycle, Denver Initiative 300, the “Neighborhood-Supported Social Cannabis Consumption Initiative,” a policy type known industry-wide as “Social Use,” allows businesses to seek a permit for cannabis consumption on premises. This makes Denver one of the first cities in … Keep reading..

Crohn’s and Cannabis

Monday October 24, 2016

Crohn’s and Cannabis – The Hows and Whys With each day, the public becomes more aware of cannabis’s potential for treating a number of ailments: chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, and even debilitating seizure disorders. The media has, however, ignored one particular disease that responds incredibly well to marijuana. Crohn’s disease, an inflammation of the digestive … Keep reading..

Employ This

Friday September 09, 2016
marijuana drug test

“You’ve got the job. You just need to pass the drug test”. I reflexively agreed, and proceeded to act as “normal” as possible. Of course, the drug screen. I am a normal, conforming individual that will not cause trouble for you or your business. I didn’t ask any details about the test, I simply swallowed … Keep reading..

Marijuana Edibles, A Guide

Friday September 02, 2016
Marijuana Edibles Guide

Your Guide to Marijuana Edibles Marijuana edibles are an easy starting point for a lot of newcomers to the cannabis game. You don’t have to roll it, you don’t have to carb it and you don’t have to dab it. But you should know a little about cannabis and edibles before you start chomping down … Keep reading..

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks

Thursday September 01, 2016

Cannabis tour guide reviews her Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks made from hemp.  Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Topical Compound From the ground-breaking company, Mary’s Medicinals, this product is nothing short of a life saver. Made with activated CBDA and THCA, the compound has a carrying agent that allows the active cannabinoids to access … Keep reading..