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Each weekend, dozens of curious canna tourists round up at the downtown Denver Cheba Hut, a local sandwich spot. While heavy on stoner humor, this restaurant doesn’t actually sell any weed-infused products. Cheba Hut, a well-known Colorado staple, has their menu themed in a certain cannabis-centric vernacular, like a pinner Kush or the Acapulco gold. … Keep reading..

Trip into Arcade Hyperspace for $10

Thursday July 21, 2016

Hyperspace is $10 at the door, all-you-can-play brilliance. The owners re-opened the arcade last February with ready to play games, no quarters necessary. All you have to do is decide: Player 1 or Player 2. As a non-gamer, I found this unlimited play model much more enjoyable than bringing 40 quarters to the arcade on … Keep reading..

Marijuana Missionaries

Wednesday July 13, 2016
Marijuana Missionaries

Marijuana Missionary If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of connectedness and spirituality that arises after that first toke of cannabis. And if you’ve consumed regularly with a group of friends, you’ve probably noticed that you collectively adopt certain rituals when smoking together. Call it history and human nature. We like to assemble and … Keep reading..

In April this year, the Drug Enforcement Administration released a memo regarding the potential rescheduling of cannabis. Substances listed as Schedule I are considered to have no medical value and cannabis has been denoted as such since 1970. But what does that mean? And while a rescheduling of the plant would be an absolute admission … Keep reading..

Top 4 Places to Smoke Weed in Denver

Wednesday July 06, 2016
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Cannabis is legal in Colorado. Even if you live out of state and are just coming to Colorado for a visit. If you are 21 or older you are allowed to purchase up to one ounce of weed at a time, whether you live here or not, due to a recently approved increase. You have … Keep reading..

Doug Benson took the Getting Doug With High show on the road in May, and the first out-of-state show was filmed in Denver, CO. SexPot Comedy presented, and fans of the show turned out to pack the Oriental Theater. Colorado Cannabis Tours booked marijuana-friendly lodging for Doug and his crew while they visited Denver, and also hosted Gabe the … Keep reading..

Sin City Cannabis Tours

  First Las Vegas Strip Dispensary Is Open Las Vegas has added a major attraction to the numerous casinos, bars and clubs – a dispensary. It is located between the Stratosphere casino-resort and the SLS Las Vegas casino-resort. Called simply, Essense Cannabis Dispensary, it opened in March of 2016, with an impressive Las Vegas Boulevard … Keep reading..

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Most of us remember when Michael Phelps, history’s most decorated Olympian, was exposed as a cannabis user in 2009 via the wide release of a candid photograph of the athlete captured at a party. Phelps was banned by USA Swimming for a total of three months and lost a major sponsor, Kellogg. But most millennials … Keep reading..

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Bec Koop wanted to bring the cannabis out of the shadows and make it a part of the celebration. 2014 turned out to be the year she did it. “I sometimes joke: With every single wedding that we’ve been to, there’s probably been at least one person out in the car in the parking lot … Keep reading..

Adolescent Cannabis Use Declines

Tuesday June 07, 2016

A recent study including over 215,000 adolescents spanning the 50 states is giving cannabis consumers good news. While the moral majority assumed and asserted that marijuana legalization would lead to an increase in use among children and teens, the study conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis discovered a very different story coming together. Cannabis … Keep reading..