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Cannabis Legal in DC

Legal or Just Sort Of Legal? Cannabis Is Legal In Washington, DC Cannabis was legalized for adult recreational use in November of 2014. Colorado had not melted down in an apocalyptic nightmare when cannabis became legal there, the way many detractors of marijuana had predicted. So, just 11 months into the Centennial State’s great cannabis … Keep reading..

Smoke Spot Giveaway

Friday August 26, 2016

We are thrilled to be teaming up with PotGuide.com and Black Rock Originals for a canna-giveaway of 9 killer prize packs. For the Smoke Spot Giveaway, we are looking for the BEST smoke spot in the world. What if you don’t live in paradise? Don’t worry! The best smoke spot doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic. … Keep reading..

Purple Squid Google Eyes

Thursday August 18, 2016

First there was the Purple Blob. Evidently the purple blob got hold of some LSD and grew tentacles. Perhaps someone evolved the Purple Orb-emon and now it has more CP. Seriously, this has to be an elaborate troll by the “researchers”the Nautilus E/V, because this crazy looking creature is too much. The Nautilus E/V is a … Keep reading..

Wanted: Reservation Sales Agent

Monday August 08, 2016

Colorado Cannabis Tours is looking for a motivated, self-starter for our sales team for positions starting in the next week. You must be based in Denver, be 21 or older,  and have the ability to independently work from home. (Computer, phone, wi-fi, etc. all need to be provided by agent). While cannabis-industry knowledge and experience … Keep reading..


But how will the decrease change the current landscape? In Colorado, those that run in cannabis cultivation circles have long been discussing and predicting just when the recreational market prices would even out. Currently, medical product is less expensive to acquire than product grown for recreational purposes. For example, a gram of medical pot from … Keep reading..

Purple Blob of the Sea

Tuesday August 02, 2016
Purple Blob

So you can’t always travel to Colorado for your cannabis tour, right? While we would love to see you here in Denver, in the meantime we’ve come up with some “tours” you can take all by yourself. Turns out you can get high and explore the deep ocean from the comfort of your living room couch. This … Keep reading..