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Should You Be A Cannabis Activist If You Have A Family?

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There are many cannabis activists doing great things for the legalization movement in the United States. These activists have made a noticeable impact in influencing not only government policies, but also the attitudes people hold towards medical and recreational cannabis. However, as with just about every type of positive activism, doing so can come with … Keep reading..

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Washington DC

Marijuana Jobs

Want to Land a Dispensary Job? Here’s What You Need to Know As marijuana legalization continues to flourish across the country, dispensary employment opportunities have steadily increased. Since medical marijuana was legalized in the District of Columbia 3 years ago, dispensary operators have been flooded with inquiries for jobs, specifically as dispensary technicians. Since the … Keep reading..

Top 5 Things To Do While Stoned in DC

Stoned in DC

While the air in the District of Columbia may be currently filled with heated political debates, there is something else in the air. Marijuana! Possession and use of marijuana was legalized in 2015 for adults 21 and older making the nation’s capital more 420-friendly, just not in a public place. Most people don’t want to … Keep reading..

Cannabis In D.C. Legal or Just Sort Of Legal?

Cannabis Legal in DC

Legal or Just Sort Of Legal? Cannabis Is Legal In Washington, DC Cannabis was legalized for adult recreational use in November of 2014. Colorado had not melted down in an apocalyptic nightmare when cannabis became legal there, the way many detractors of marijuana had predicted. So, just 11 months into the Centennial State’s great cannabis … Keep reading..

Puff, Pass & Paint comes to Washington DC!

Puff, Pass and Paint in Washington DC! Puff, Pass and Paint founder Heidi Keyes taught her inaugural class in Washington DC last week. It was held August 19.  It was a special class in many ways, the best being that her aunt Gail was able to attend. This unique DC event was held at the Purple Mansion … Keep reading..