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National Cannabis Legalization Update

2017 is coming to a close and there are more than a handful of states that currently allow for the legal purchase and consumption of recreational marijuana, and even more on board for medical marijuana. But now that the elections are over for 2016, the focus is on, what’s next. The East Coast We saw … Keep reading..

DEA Fog “Clarification” Of Hemp Extract Legality

On January 13th, 2017 the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) issued the drug code 7350, a new drug code for marijuana extract that went into effect immediately. Drug Code 7350 allows DEA and DEA-registered entities to track quantities of marijuana extract separately from the quantities of marijuana. In essence, the DEA is creating a new drug code … Keep reading..

Should You Be A Cannabis Activist If You Have A Family?

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There are many cannabis activists doing great things for the legalization movement in the United States. These activists have made a noticeable impact in influencing not only government policies, but also the attitudes people hold towards medical and recreational cannabis. However, as with just about every type of positive activism, doing so can come with … Keep reading..

Cannabis Research While Federally Illegal?

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What “Legit” Research Can We Do While Cannabis Is STILL Federally Illegal? Layers of control keep cannabis TIGHTLY shackled and behind bars. America’s federal government continues to aggressively steer the public eye from even looking at cannabis or having a positive thought about it. Why do our authority figures behave like this?   Governments continue … Keep reading..

Cannabis Industry Future Prediction

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How the cannabis industry MIGHT evolve as we move into full legalization? Marijuana is becoming more and more popular, as legalization continues. Consumption methods and availability are expanding each day. The question is: What will the future of marijuana look like? Is there a any room for improvement?   From this perspective, the future of … Keep reading..

Are You Smoking Radioactive Weed?

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If it’s “organic” does that automatically mean it’s “more” safe than non-organic? There’s a general understanding about what it means to eat “organic” foods and ingest organic products.   A basic understanding about what “organic” could mean is that it’s more healthy or that it was grown and raised in a proper environment. To extend … Keep reading..

From Backstage Antics to Creating Some Sweet Sounds

Lance Herbstrong’s Kamal Solimon Answers Our Questions by: Avital Norman Nathman Lance Herbstrong — the 420-friendly party band consisting of producer and percussionist Kamal Soliman, guitarist Peter DiStefano, and engineer Bill Sarver — has been making a name for itself when it comes to creating amazing mash-ups and original tunes. The band, which has collaborated … Keep reading..

Dealing With US Customs and Border Patrol

Patrulla de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos

In recent years, Colorado has become the new frontier and leader in legal recreational Marijuana and with that has also become an increasingly more attractive a destination not only for Cannabis enthusiasts, but also for travelers that are simply seeking to experience an emerging culture that is unique to our world. While most of our … Keep reading..

Employ This

marijuana drug test

“You’ve got the job. You just need to pass the drug test”. I reflexively agreed, and proceeded to act as “normal” as possible. Of course, the drug screen. I am a normal, conforming individual that will not cause trouble for you or your business. I didn’t ask any details about the test, I simply swallowed … Keep reading..

Medicine Man Time Lapse Tour


Check out the time lapse tour of Medicine Man Denver, brought to you by Colorado Cannabis Tours! Pete Williams and Mike Eymer guide you through the entire marijuana cultivation facility. Every stage of the process (except for the cure) gets featured. It moves fast, so see if you can spot each room of the grow.