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Infused Yoga May Have Changed My Life!

Infused Yoga

Throughout recent years I have been taking a look more holistic options to address symptoms caused by my sickle cell anemia. I traded opiates for cannabis to relieve my pain…the side effects were ridiculous. I swapped meditation for the craziness I often felt in the midst of a sickle cell crisis. And said goodbye high … Keep reading..

Why We Can Relax About the DEA Update Regarding CBD. For Now.

DEA Update to CBD

What Happened Yesterday Was A Real Shock To The Cannabis Industry Seemingly out of nowhere, the majority of the cannabis community interpreted a decision from the DEA to include CBD, extracted from hemp, into the CSA (Controlled Substance Act) as a schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 being the highest level restriction and control. This proposal … Keep reading..


Colorado Cannabis Tours Marijuasana

Pulling up to the Lumber Baron Ballroom during the holidays is like getting to check out that cool decked out house at the end of the block you always wanted to see inside of growing up. The tall wooden doors make for a grand entrance way to this grand old home turned B&B. We are … Keep reading..

Medical Marijuana Changed My Life With Sickle Cell

It first begins with a tingling sensation, sometimes in my hands, sometimes in my ankles. I never know which body part will be targeted. The tingling eventually builds into a pain that literally leaves me sick to my stomach. And finally…I have no choice but to curl up into a fetal position until it subsides. … Keep reading..

Breathe Easy: Pot Doesn’t Cause Brain Damage

You’ve probably heard the ol’ scare tactic before: Smoking cannabis causes brain damage. That’s a complete myth. The most recent research suggests cannabis may actually regrow brain cells rather than destroy them. How the Myth Started All of the documentaries and websites that cater to cannabis love talking about Harry Anslinger and his Reefer Madness … Keep reading..

Could Marijuana Get an NFL Green Light?

Marijuana enters the NFL Football

  Marijuana may have been the star player of this year’s election and the NFL may finally be listening to marijuana researchers. Although the league hasn’t publicly shown support for marijuana use, thanks to the recent election sweep, the nation’s changing view of cannabis along with research showing its potential benefits, may change that. An … Keep reading..

Crohn’s and Cannabis

Crohn’s and Cannabis – The Hows and Whys With each day, the public becomes more aware of cannabis’s potential for treating a number of ailments: chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, and even debilitating seizure disorders. The media has, however, ignored one particular disease that responds incredibly well to marijuana. Crohn’s disease, an inflammation of the digestive … Keep reading..

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web

HISTORY Charlotte’s Web, a cannabis strain known for it’s low THC and high CBD content, was specially cultivated for and named after Charlotte Figi. Charlotte Figi is a young girl who lives in Colorado and was only 3 weeks old when she had her first seizure. After success using oil extracted from the strain R4 … Keep reading..

Could Cannabis Protect You From Melanoma?

Cancer. It is a very scary word associated with an experience most people hope they will never have to personally deal with. Melanoma, or skin cancer, is something anyone can get because you can develop it simply from exposure to UV rays. Do you frequently go outside for long periods of time without first applying a liberal amount of UV sun … Keep reading..

6 Ways Cannabis is the Key to Eternal Youth

6 Ways Cannabis is the Key to Eternal Youth The human body is a very unique and complex machine – and that isn’t news to anyone. What is news to a lot of people is how cannabis can help that human body – and there are countless way. But we’ve got to start somewhere.   … Keep reading..