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Marijuana Jobs

If you want to work in marijuana retail sales in the first state to legalize recreational pot, it’s easy. But there’s an application process, complete with various forms and fees. And you must follow and obey all Colorado marijuana laws. Ask yourself, “Do I really want a cannabis job?” Before entering the cannabis industry, understand … Keep reading..

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With a range of new marijuana products hitting the market every day, from transdermal patches to weed wines, it tends to be hard to keep up. Ever since California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, the cannabis industry has grown astronomically and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon with the market expecting to hit … Keep reading..

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Oregon

Thursday January 19, 2017
Marijuana Jobs

What it Takes to Work in Cannabis in Oregon Recreational Cannabis Workers must now obtain a “Marijuana Worker Permit” Currently, Oregon has two legal cannabis markets; recreational and medical. While the recreational market is quickly becoming vastly larger there, working in a recreationally licensed business requires a “Marijuana Worker Permit” issued by the Oregon Liquor … Keep reading..

Marijuana Jobs

What it takes to work in Cannabis in Washington State Recreational Cannabis Workers should come prepared with retail sales experience and a knowledge of cannabis Currently, Washington has two legal cannabis markets; recreational and medical. The medical market in Washington State is slowly phasing out and the recreational market is actually expanding at the moment. … Keep reading..

How to Get a Cannabis Job in Washington DC

Thursday January 19, 2017
Marijuana Jobs

Want to Land a Dispensary Job? Here’s What You Need to Know As marijuana legalization continues to flourish across the country, dispensary employment opportunities have steadily increased. Since medical marijuana was legalized in the District of Columbia 3 years ago, dispensary operators have been flooded with inquiries for jobs, specifically as dispensary technicians. Since the … Keep reading..

The Top 5 Cannabis Careers of 2016

Tuesday November 08, 2016

Looking for a new line of work? Try a career in the cannabis industry. It’s said the cannabis industry is growing so rapidly that working in it for just one year is equivalent to three years working in any other industry. Currently, 25 states plus Washington D.C. have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Four … Keep reading..

How to Select Fine Cannabis for Smoking

Tuesday October 11, 2016

New to buying legal weed? Let us guide you. Considering cannabis prohibition is just now slowly fading away, frequenting a dispensary is a unique and remarkable experience. It’s pretty amazing to browse among varied display cases filled with generous selections of cannabis flower, topicals, concentrates and edibles to purchase. Welcome to the wonderful world of … Keep reading..

Elevating at Elevation

Saturday October 01, 2016

Getting lifted in the Mile High City? Here’s what you should know…. by Randy Robinson If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, and that trip includes picking up some legal cannabis, there’s a few things you should know. Even if you’re from here, it’s always good to refresh this information. You should know that getting … Keep reading..

Can I Use My Credit Card to Buy Weed?

Thursday September 15, 2016

The short answer is, No. Since credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover et. al., primarily offer their cards through partnerships with federally regulated national banks, credit card transactions involving the sale of cannabis fall under the US Controlled Substances Act. Under this act, cannabis has been listed as a Schedule I drug, … Keep reading..