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How to Get a Cannabis Job in Oregon

Marijuana Jobs

What it Takes to Work in Cannabis in Oregon Recreational Cannabis Workers must now obtain a “Marijuana Worker Permit” Currently, Oregon has two legal cannabis markets; recreational and medical. While the recreational market is quickly becoming vastly larger there, working in a recreationally licensed business requires a “Marijuana Worker Permit” issued by the Oregon Liquor … Keep reading..

Contrast and Compare – Dispensary Process in Legalized States

Colorado Cannabis Tours Dispensary Visit

Editor’s note: Have you ever wondered how the states differ in dispensary visits? This blog is a “how to” that describes the dispensary process in legalized states. We will update this list as more states legalize recreational marijuana. COLORADO Inspection Every dispensary has its own company policy regarding workers or customers handling the product. Some … Keep reading..

Cannabis Urban Legends: The Drive Thru Recreational Dispensary

Prior to 4/20 we were checking out what big things were happening in cannabis around the country.  One thing we saw was a video from Now This Marijuana, in which recreational users in Oregon were given a glimpse of a 4/20 miracle. Check out the Now This video for yourself. It sounded too good to … Keep reading..