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Medical Marijuana Changed My Life With Sickle Cell

It first begins with a tingling sensation, sometimes in my hands, sometimes in my ankles. I never know which body part will be targeted. The tingling eventually builds into a pain that literally leaves me sick to my stomach. And finally…I have no choice but to curl up into a fetal position until it subsides. … Keep reading..

You Should Know: Eugene Monroe

You Should Know – NFL player Eugene Monroe Eugene Monroe, former Jacksonville Jaguars football player and current Baltimore Ravens tackle – recently donated $80,000 to cannabis research. When questioned about his personal marijuana use, Monroe upheld that he has not and does not utilize marijuana in any capacity. What he did say was that the … Keep reading..

Is Foria For You?

Is Foria For You?   Foria made their first headlines with a very…exciting…product. Weed lube. Yes, it is just what it sounds like. Foria offers a sexual lubricant, enhanced by the cannabis plant, that is said to set your bed on fire when used. In a pleasant way, not a scary way. Since its launch into … Keep reading..