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Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks

Thursday September 01, 2016

Cannabis tour guide reviews her Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks made from hemp. 

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Topical Compound

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks
Photo credit: Mary’s Medicinals

From the ground-breaking company, Mary’s Medicinals, this product is nothing short of a life saver. Made with activated CBDA and THCA, the compound has a carrying agent that allows the active cannabinoids to access the blood stream from a topical level. This salve helps immensely with muscle soreness, inflammation, and has expedited the healing of some minor cuts and bruises in my experience, as well.

Luscious Lotus Skincare Flower Child Bath Bomb

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks
Photo credit: Luscious Lotus

Luscious Lotus is based out of Colorado Springs, and I them when I was given one of the Herbalista sets, which are a fantastic gift for the nature lover in your life. I threw this in a hot bath and relaxed with the calming calendula, cedarwood, and vanilla. Their products are made with fresh, organic herbs and 99.7% pure crystalline CBD which left me feeling at ease. I found the overall effect very soothing and this one is certainly a spa night favorite.

Apothecanna Calming Body Crème

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks
Photo credit: Apothecanna

Apothecanna is a botanical rich body care line that focuses on quality ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and infuses every product with 100% hemp derived CBD. My personal favorite is the Calming body crème, which I love after a long bath. Lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and cannabis give this lotion soothing powers that take stress relief to a new level.

Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castille Soap

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks
Photo credit: Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s is a classic line that is made with ethically sourced, fair trade ingredients.  The tea tree in this one is great for my oily, acne prone skin, and is also beneficial in treating dandruff.  Hemp is among the plethora of organic oils used in this concentrated wash that leaves you feeling smooth and squeaky clean.

Nature’s Root Hemp Lip Balm

Top 5 Hemp Beauty and Body Care Picks
Photo credit: Nature’s Root

Nature’s Root has a luxurious hemp-based body care line that is paraben-free and made using locally grown organic hemp. My favorite sustainably sourced product from this Colorado based company has got to be the CBD packed Therapeutic Lip Balm. This hydrating, restorative lip balm is naturally flavored with mint and cacao, 25 mg of CBD, and has a natural SPF for added protection against sun, wind, and bong rips.

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