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Lifehacker’s How To Use Marijuana – A Review.

Tuesday May 03, 2016

We took a look at Lifehacker’s How To Use Medical Marijuana and had a few thoughts to pass along to you, our favorite cannabis consumers.

1. Plan Ahead for the First Few Times

I guess maybe because I’m not a newbie at this, the idea of calling in a babysitter for yourself to get high seems a little strange to me. With that said, if you are so vastly inexperienced with marijuana that you DO feel a babysitter for yourself is necessary GET ONE! Maybe you are trying edibles for the first time or experimenting with your mg intake – those are great times to make sure you are in good company in case you do need some assistance. I’ve definitely seen someone drop from an edible and she was all by herself – would have been nice if she’d had a trusted ally with her to help her when she went just a bit over her comfort level.

2. Manage the Munchies

Lifehacker suggests you plan what you want to eat in advance. I’d have to advise you not stress out too much about what you want to eat before you get high because chances are you are going to have an entirely different opinion on what you are hungry for after you get high. Just make sure you’ve got some go to favorites in the closet and if you’re trying to improve your eating habits – make sure you don’t have any chips 😉

3. Learn to Act Normally

I’ve been struggling with this one for my entire life, stoned or sober. I’m not sure what “normal” means to Lifehacker but my advice is to keep some eye drops handy and don’t say anything to anyone you don’t know unless totally necessary, ha ha ha! I always end up catching myself thinking up the weirdest (funny to me) stuff to say to the check-out person at the grocery store around the corner. But I’ve learned to keep those little hilarities to myself, because if history has proved anything time and time again it is that when I am high on cannabis, strangers do not find my small talk nearly as amusing as I do.

4. Control Your Tolerance

Lifehacker suggests taking one week off of marijuana a month. Three weeks on, one week off is a big regimented for cannabis use, but the things a person will do to keep their tolerance low…

5. Avoid Dependency

I do believe that checking in with yourself about your cannabis use is a vital step on the path of NOT becoming psychologically dependent on it. Lifehacker has a great point that I loved reading, and will end this article with.

While marijuana doesn’t cause much in the realm of physical dependency—at least, not without very prolonged frequent use at high doses—you do run the risk of psychological dependency. That’s the case with anything, including a great chocolate cake.”



Source: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-use-medical-marijuana-safely-and-responsibly-1770545055


Brittany Driver

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