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New Zealand and Synthetic (Fake Ass) Cannabis

Thursday May 19, 2016

New Zealand and Synthetic (Fake Ass) Cannabis

In a span of only 5 days, seventeen patients were seen at the Waitakere Hospital in Waitakere City, New Zealand.  Each had reportedly been using synthetic cannabis, with some utterly terrifying side effects. Now, the city’s District Health Board is taking a stand and attempting to educate the population on the risks of the drug.

Emergency Clinic Director, Kate Allen, said “typical” presentations for synthetic cannabis use are “high blood pressure, palpitations and negative effect on the mind including anxiety and hallucinations.” But the seventeen users seen recently in Waitakere presented different symptoms altogether – seizures and low levels of consciousness.  Allen believes these effect could point to additional chemicals being added to the synthetic blends.

Unlike natural cannabis, synthetic cannabis is dangerous, though it can be hard to get some medical professionals to declare so publicly. But after this latest string of users in Waitakere visited the hospital, Director Allen had this warning for potential users:

“It is important for people to understand that due to the unknown composition of synthetic cannabinoids the effect[s] are very different to those of marijuana.”


Brittany Driver

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