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What Is CHS? – Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome Heal The Mind With Information To Cure The Body Of Dis-Ease

Monday May 17, 2021
Cannabis Hyperemesis

This series begins with several questions, as we uncover the truth about CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome).

The following questions will be investigated on our journey to the truth.

  • What is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)?
  • How Did the Government Get Their Information on CHS?
  • What Do Experienced Cannabis Growers Say is the Cause of CHS?
  • How to Find Relief, Avoid and Cure CHS

These questions, and many more, will be revealed as we dig deep into the information.

What is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)?

The origin of CHS and what the medical system, supported by the government, has to say as it defines this “new” clinical condition.

The first documented cases of CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome) was discovered, in 2004, in South Australia by; J. H. Allen, G. M. de Moore, R. Heddle, & J. C. Twartz.

They studied nine patients and concluded the following, in the creation of CHS.

Definition of CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome)

Those who “discovered” CHS say that it is psychogenic (having a psychological origin or cause rather than a physical one) cyclical vomiting. Persistent vomiting, severe nausea, and abdominal pain, that can cause hospitalization.

Chronic cannabis abuse is what is the “alleged” cause of CHS has been discovered to be.

The nine patients heavily used cannabis for months and years, prior to getting CHS.

They all had a normal appetite, yet, lost weight, due to persistent vomiting, from CHS.

An interesting thing they all had in common was infrequently taking hot showers or baths. This was a learned behavior that would ease the pain, within minutes, of taking a hot shower.

What ended up causing the hospitalization was in running out of hot water, in which to achieve relief. As the water-cooled, the pain would return. Dehydration, was another reason for hospitalization, due to hot showers and fluid loss due to persistent vomiting.

Feeling Sick from Cannabis Hyperemesis SyndromeTwo of the patients reported having scalded themselves in attempting to get the water as hot as possible.

Other symptoms included sweating and abnormal thirst.

Nausea could get triggered by the sight or smell of food and the fear of vomiting.

As the doctors began the initial phases of trying to figure out what is the cause of the following symptoms, they initially concluded that it was consistent with typical toxicity cases.

Naturally, the one “easy” thing for the doctors to conclude was that CHS was the result of toxicity from cannabis.

We, the cannabis community, know this is ridiculous because it is essentially impossible to overdose on cannabis, let alone have a toxic effect from it.

What the true cause of CHS could be, as what we will be discussing later on in the article series, involves another form of toxicity.

I believe these doctors are, essentially, right about this issue being toxicity poisoning. However. What I disagree with, is the substance “they” claim caused the toxicity.

The other part of their initial diagnosis involved them considering if these patients were suffering from cannabis withdrawal.

So far we have uncovered two ridiculous concepts, in relation to cannabis.

These two ridiculous concepts are; cannabis toxicity & cannabis withdrawal.

There is essentially a 0% possibility of receiving toxicity from cannabis and also, a 0% chance of “suffering” from withdrawal symptoms, as described in this study.

Like with anything, even substances such as caffeine, quitting cold turkey can’t necessarily come about with zero consequences.

The withdrawal symptoms one could encounter with quitting cannabis cold turkey are mostly psychological. You can quit cannabis, cold turkey, without worrying about it killing you.

Unlike quitting cold turkey with alcohol or even heroin or prescription drug. These drugs actually present a very real danger in quitting cold turkey.

With cannabis, this is one of the safest substances to quit cold turkey. In my personal experience, of quitting several substances over my life, I was able to quit tobacco with ease. I also quit drinking alcohol for one year, with ease. Then I tried to quit coffee and HOLY MOLY! Trying to quit caffeine was by far the most painful experience, of any substance I’ve been addicted to and tried to quit. I decided not to quit coffee.

I was also able to quit consuming cannabis with ease. As much as I enjoy cannabis, I personally haven’t consumed cannabis since the beginning of May 2016.

The cannabis withdrawal symptoms they do cite are the following. Nausea, vomiting, insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.

I can’t speak for everyone. However. In my personal experience, of quitting cannabis, the only thing I struggled with, after daily chronic consumption for several years, was getting my appetite back. I didn’t lose weight, I was still able to eat. But. My desire to eat, just wasn’t there.

Continuing the story of these patients’ journey into the discovery of CHS.

As the CHS symptoms increased, so did their cannabis consumption.

woman consuming cannabis

We all know that cannabis has the ability to relieve nausea, and yet, for some reason, we will discuss later in the series, the cannabis wasn’t bringing them the relief they were “predictably” seeking to find through increasing their cannabis dosage.

A logical question should come up at this moment.

If it is well known that cannabis has anti-nausea properties to it, why didn’t the researchers conclude the toxicity might have come from a different source?

How do they know cannabis was the reason for toxicity poisoning?

Since they didn’t ask these questions, I will be asking these questions and investigating, in-depth, and reporting the conclusions that I discover.

It is very important to ask the proper questions and receive answers from appropriate sources.

If you don’t ask the question, you can’t receive the answer. And for these researchers to think that cannabis, in itself, was the reason and the sources of toxicity is to completely miss the mark and essentially show your lack of education and basic understanding of how cannabis works.

Moving on.

As these patients were taken off of cannabis, they were given Benzodiazepines to relieve them of cannabis withdrawal symptoms and to relieve the psychological craving.

Interesting as to why they would be given benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines killed just a little under 10,000 people in 2015, as reported by the link below.


Also. The withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines, compared to the withdrawal symptoms from cannabis, are INSANELY worse.

I won’t list all of the potential withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines, you can click on the link below to look at all the symptoms. I will, however, list a few of the INSANE withdrawal symptoms.


As I’m looking at this list, I have a hard time picking out a few of them to list. There are so many and a LOT of them are so severe, it’s insane that these pills are actually considered to be medicine, let alone legal!

Here we go. Here’s a list of a few of the withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines.

Suicide, violence, Urges to shout, throw, break things or harm someone, PTSD, homicidal ideation, coma, hallucination, death, restless leg syndrome, electric shock sensations, hearing impairment, metallic taste, etc.

Mind you. This is a VERY short list of the withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines.

Much more to explore in this article series.

As we continue to progress through the information, it’s interesting to note, the only way the researchers were able to recreate the effect, was not through the chronic smoking of cannabis. But. Through “insane” methods we will we talk about throughout this article series.

They also wonder why CHS takes years to develop and weeks to return after cannabis consumption has been halted and then resumed.

There is much to explore as we go deep into all of the information.

How Did the Government Get Their Information on CHS?

How did the government doctor “researchers” get their information, to say with authority, that CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome) occurs because of abusing cannabis?

The question presupposes that CHS emerged into existence because of consuming too much cannabis, which is what “they” say is the root cause of CHS.

Consuming too much cannabis? Really?

What questions, then come up, are, how “specifically” is cannabis being consumed to cause CHS? What methods are the researchers using to determine that CHS is a new clinical condition? And how does this relate to how cannabis consumers are experiencing the symptoms of CHS?

Are the researchers using the same methods, of cannabis consumption, to confirm the cause of CHS, the same way the patients are consuming cannabis?

And the answer is no. The patients are reported to smoke cannabis daily. And the researcher are using a completely different method to “verify” CHS.

In their research article, published on a government health website, they start off by explicitly saying CHS is caused by chronic cannabis use.

Here’s the quote that starts off their research paper, published in NIH (National Institute Of Health).

“Coinciding with the increasing rates of cannabis abuse has been the recognition of a new clinical condition known as Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is characterized by chronic cannabis use…”

The very next sentence then goes onto to admit they have NO idea how it is caused.

“Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome occurs by an unknown mechanism.“  

I think we can safely say that the medical industry has NO idea how any number of modern diseases occurs.

Interesting how they do state, in the research paper, that cannabis has “well-established anti-emetic (preventing vomiting) properties”, yet, they claim to have discovered a “paradoxical effects on the gastrointestinal tract (The GI tract is the pathway food takes from the mouth, through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine within where the nutrients are extracted for the needs of the body. The residue then passes to the rectum where it is evacuated) and CNS.”

So far they say that cannabis is causing a problem and “ironically” is able to solve a problem?

Paradox? Interesting how they also admit that this is a paradox. However. Once you have a theory, you have to use all means to find the evidence to support the theory. Right? Is this good science?

What we now need to do is to sort through this confusing information.

We will discover the truth, about their BOLD claims, by looking at their methods of gathering this data.

How did government researchers gather their information?

As we continue to read, all the way through this article, they got their information from an incredibly bizarre method of cannabis use.

They literally got their information, confirming CHS, by injecting mice (intravenously), with a needle, with isolated cannabinoid molecules.

Is this the “normal” type of cannabis abuse that is the “core” of CHS?

I can’t make this up. It explicitly says this in the research. They detail exactly how much, specific cannabinoid molecules, they need to inject in the mice to trigger CHS symptoms.

My next question is, how many cannabis consumers do you know who “inject” marijuana into their bodies with a needle?

If you’re like me, you will most likely say you know exactly ZERO cannabis consumers who put cannabis into their body with a syringe.

It’s actually, kinda creepy, how they are actually comparing the average cannabis consumer with the “medical” way of injecting cannabis into the body, via IV needle.

The truth is, if you’ve done ANY research on the “deeper” aspects of cannabis, you will know that you can’t “control” cannabis the way you control prescription drugs.

Part of the quantum WONDERS, in cannabis, involve the artistic dance, the ebb and flow, of how nature naturally interacts with your body. You can’t separate the specific cannabinoid molecules and expect to get a “predictable” function.

What the medical community is working, diligently, on is separating molecules from the cannabis plant, in order to patent the technology to make a profit. Right now, they know they can’t patent a plant. This is one of the core reason why cannabis is kept as “illegal” as it is. Cannabis is illegal, not because it isn’t safe, and, not because their isn’t any medical value. Cannabis is illegal because they can’t patent it and make MASSIVE amounts of money on it.

This is precisely what is so dangerous about how the medical community is to society. Versus, how safe and effective natural cannabis is, in its original form.

You can’t separate cannabinoid molecules and inject it to try and create a predictable response. This can’t happen, from my current understanding, because there are hundreds of cannabinoid molecules within the cannabis plant that work together, in harmony, to create the remarkable healing abilities it is currently able to produce, predictably.

Yet if they can separate a molecule and find some way to say it does any kind of “specific” function, they can put a patent on it. For example, marinol. They separated the THC molecule and turned it into an, incredibly ineffective, pill.

Very peculiar how they would inject mice with liquid cannabinoid molecules and relate it to CHS.

Specifically, when it comes to CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome) the methods the doctors got their “official” information is very strange. It’s creepy. Absolutely disgusting.

Injecting a mouse with high concentrations of a specific molecule and calling it science?

The methods they are using, to obtain information, can be compared to how they got their propaganda information back in the 1930, via Harry Anslinger. We can be certain that the individuals behind the production and facilitation of this OBNOXIOUS information is criminal and should be punished. Yet it won’t be. They won’t be punished because the department who produced this embarrassing information is also the same department who owns and controls the DEA, the police force and the law system.

Layer after layer of control goes into attempting to defile this plant and the truth is, they have yet to make a dent at corrupting the purity and the sanctity of cannabis. We know this because it has been assured to use, via ancient documents that extend all the way back to the beginnings of the creation of cannabis. (You can find the full story of the protection and creation of cannabis in my Cosmic Cannabis Culture series).

I will conclude this section by citing where I’m getting my direct information.

The link I posted above, has cited 76 reference articles, as they came to their discovery and conclusions of CHS.

In animals the effect of CBD on toxin-induced vomiting displays a biphasic response with low doses producing an anti-emetic effect whereas higher doses enhance vomiting [30,31].

Here they say that high levels of CBD will induce vomiting.

If you’re just looking at the surface information, it’s probably easy to agree with their conclusions that chronic HIGH levels of cannabis use could cause, what they now believe, to be the “new” clinical condition, known as CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome).

The two specific medical articles, that they cite in the quote directly above, is the numbers 30 and 31. Below are the links to the articles for you to quickly look at the direct information yourself.

However I want to make understanding the truth, very simple. And I will sum it all up, quickly and elegantly. Both 30 and 31 say about the same thing, so I’ll only “simplify” one of them and let you look at the repetitive information.

  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14740147
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/13680081

(The following is edited down a bit to remove the complex doctor lingo).


Shrews (mice) were injected with various doses of cannabinoid molecules, which induces vomiting. Shrews were also injected with CBD.


CBD suppressed vomiting at low dose and triggered vomiting at high doses.

What Do Experienced Cannabis Growers Say is the Cause of CHS?

Here we will discuss what experienced cannabis growers have to say about what could potentially be an alternate explanation to the cause of the new clinical condition called CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome).

After doing a good handful of research, a few case studies have surfaced to offer an alternative explanation for the spontaneous emergence of CHS.

A solid alternative theory to CHS could be explained as being poisoned. Specifically, poisoned by a pesticide that was sprayed directly on the cannabis plant. More specifically, there is a molecule that could be causing all the problems associate with the “new” clinical condition, and this molecule is called Azadirachtin, derived from Neem Oil.

What could actually be going on is toxicity poisoning via “organic” pesticides with the molecule Azadirachtin, in it.

What is Azadirachtin, specifically?

Azadirachtin is a molecule that is in many products, used for insect control on your cannabis plant. Although the product, that contains Azadirachtin, isn’t specifically labeled to use on cannabis, for some reason cannabis growers began using this stuff left and right, because it’s labeled organic and safe.

This Azadirachtin molecule was said to be synthesized over 10 years ago. Very interestingly, this molecule is OMRI certified organic. Just because it’s labeled organic doesn’t mean it is safe to use, however you want to use it. Although being organic “should” mean that it is natural and safe? Maybe?

With a little bit of Google research, I went to the source of what “organic” is, and means, and how it is regulated.

The term “organic” is not currently regulated for many non-food products such as pet food, cosmetics, household products and fertilizers. These products may meet non-government, privately maintained standards, but the use of the term “organic” on labels is not federally regulated for these non-food products. For example, a fertilizer may be “OMRI Listed,” meaning that it meets OMRI’s standards for a fertilizer, but almost any fertilizer can use the term “organic” on the label.

On these “organic” pesticides, apparently have labeling that says it is made for fruits and vegetables, that you can wash off before consuming.

I can’t remember the last time I washed my cannabis before consuming it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone washing, or rinsing, off their cannabis prior to use?

The labeling also says that it is safe to use it up to the day of harvesting. And that is just what cannabis growers began doing. This probably isn’t safe, because of reasons we’ll discuss ahead.

CHS did not exist until very recently. There’s no way the current arguments can state much of anything else. To say that cannabis is getting more potent and there are so many different varieties of strains, can’t be true, for the cause of CHS.

In simple terms.

CHS very well could be toxicity poisoning via the use of pesticides in treating bugs on the cannabis plant.

There are a few very specific products that cannabis industry professionals are beginning to discover that contain Azadirachtin, and that cause all the symptoms associated with CHS.

It doesn’t make any sense that CHS could be caused by chronic consumption of cannabis, by cannabis alone. However it could make sense, if the chronic use of cannabis was cannabis that had been inappropriately treated by pesticide with the molecule Azadirachtin.

A few questions I have at this point are as follows.

  • Are there more plants, vegetables or fruits, that use pesticides that contains Azadirachtin?
  • If so, why aren’t we seeing cases of CHS (or Azadirachtin poisoning) popping up more often?
  • Is there a test to determine whether these is an unsafe level Azadirachtin has been ingested?
  • Is there a test for the cannabis plant to check to see if Azadirachtin is present?
  • What are the symptoms of toxic levels of Azadirachtin?

Let’s take a quick look at a case study of someone who accidentally consumed 20 ml of Azadirachtin.

How much is 20 ml?

20 ml isn’t a whole lot. If we converted 20 ml into ounces, 20 ml would only be 0.68 ounces. This doesn’t even fill up half of a shot glass.

This tiny amount was enough to cause very similar symptoms as they claim CHS (cannabis hyperemesis syndrome) causes.

Orally consuming an incredibly small amount of Azadirachtin produced vomiting, similar to how CHS is described.

Does inhaling combusted Azadirachtin increase the potential toxicity?

Does the quantity matter? Does the method of consumption?

So far, the research, and public information, hasn’t gotten this far in questioning the problem.

Which is worse, smoking Azadirachtin or swallowing it?

How do we know this is azadirachtin poisoning and not CHS due to cannabis abuse?

As I research this question, I ran into information, of a cannabis grower, who did a side by side study.

They grew cannabis using Azadirachtin and grew a separate plant without using it. After the harvest, the cannabis was smoked and studied, for its effects, via personal experience of the person doing the research.

The conclusions of this side by side research revealed it was, in fact, the Azadirachtin that was causing the CHS symptoms.

While this study isn’t necessarily your “official” doctored language research, this story does begin to give us insight to alternative answers to how the “sophistication” of the government doctors can begin to manipulate reality.

I don’t buy the idea for a minute that CHS could have spontaneously emerged after all this time humans have been consuming MASSIVE amounts of cannabis, all around the world. If there was such a thing as CHS, I believe we would have known about it by now.

Final note about what the creators of Azadirachtin say on their website, about coming into contact with Azadirachtin, (also known as Neem Oil).

The USDA says it is safe. Whatever “safe” means by their standards. They say it is so safe, that they’ve even used it on cats, to control fleas. And they casually mention that “some cats died”, in this process. They don’t say anything about human toxicity though. However, they do mention that they inject Azadirachtin into insects and the insects were fine. Super weird.

How to Find Relief, Avoid and Cure CHS

We will be discussing what the cure is for CHS (Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome), how to find relief during the experience of symptoms, and how to avoid getting it in the first place.

As I began to do an in depth search for the cure for CHS, I began to realize that, there isn’t a whole lot of information about “fixing” yourself, once you’ve contracted this condition.

How the medical community will cure you is by making you stop consuming cannabis and try to manage symptoms with prescription drugs.

Currently I found a few tricks, revealed by the person who discovered that CHS is actually Azadirachtin poisoning.

What are some tricks to relieve the pain you’re experiencing from Azadirachtin poisoning?

For starter, one of the “strange” behaviors the clinical researchers uncovered was that all the patients, they were studying, had a compulsive habit of taking really hot showers, or baths. Somehow bathing in really hot water managed to eliminate the pain for short periods of time. The relief would only happen as the water was at a REALLY hot level. Once the water started to cool down, they reported that the pain would start to return.

The reason for hospitalization was usually because they ran out of hot water and couldn’t find any other method of relief. Also part of the reason for hospitalization could have been dehydration from extended hot bathing and constant vomiting.

To find relief, taking a hot bath could be a method you could try out first to get instant quick relief. However. I wouldn’t be focusing on using this strategy to cure yourself long term. This method should probably only be used short term, while you’re are working at figuring out how you’re going to utilize the other methods we will talk about.

The next, most immediate thing you need to do is, stop smoking the cannabis that has been sprayed with toxic levels of Azadirachtin. This is actually, probably the very first step you should take, before jumping into a hot shower.

What’s interesting is that the government researchers even acknowledge the “paradox” of how cannabis is suppose to relieve nausea, abdominal pain and overall pain in general. However, this was not the case with the patients they researched. There were a handful of patients who were “cured” of the condition, only to relapse into the condition after smoking cannabis again.

Interestingly, the government researchers initially assumed, and proceeded to produce their data from the point of CHS had to be caused by cannabis abuse. And so they go in depth into their theory as to how come the patients relapse into CHS after weeks of abstaining from cannabis consumption. They discuss how THC binds with the fat cells and gets stored, thus after going back to cannabis consumption, the THC is already there and releases itself, thus causing the pain to come back quicker. Blah blah blah.

What an alternative theory could be, is that the patient who relapsed into experiencing intense abdominal pain probably did, was consume cannabis that had the Azadirachtin on it, again.

If you didn’t know that Azadirachtin was the cause of the problem in the first place, you probably would never guess that you shouldn’t be smoking cannabis that was treated with Azadirachtin.

The next method to try is to consume cannabis that hasn’t been treated with Azadirachtin. This method, I would urge you to try with caution. Currently I was unable to locate information about how to figure out if your cannabis has been treated with Azadirachtin. The only real way to know is by asking the person who grew it.

Yet again, you have to be careful here. Because, the person who did the research, that discovered CHS is Azadirachtin poisoning, got lied to, by the grower who used Azadirachtin on the cannabis. The grower researcher that got lied to, knew he was lied to, after consuming it, feeling mild symptoms, confronting the Azadirachtin sprayer, got lied to again, trusted him, ended up being hospitalized again, confronting him AGAIN, and then finally he admitted to using Azadirachtin on the cannabis plant.

After learning about this story, I really really want to find someone, who is smart enough, to develop a tool, to test cannabis for Azadirachtin. How would the average Joe go about creating a way to test the cannabis to make sure there is no Azadirachtin on it?

Furthermore. I also want to find a method for testing your body to confirm you have Azadirachtin poisoning, instead of being diagnosed with CHS.


Because the government doctors are very smart and have very articulate and sophisticated arguments for their research and their findings.

If we, as a cannabis community, can figure out how to develop these tools, we can be certain that we can help a lot of people who are suffering from Azadirachtin poisoning. And w can stop the misinformation from populating.

The final methods to find relief, if you’re currently experiencing symptoms, is what the cannabis grower who discovered CHS is Azadirachtin poisoning used when he was experiencing symptoms.

Before I reveal the methods used. I’ll quickly cite the research the medical community used to treat CHS.

In the end, the point of the medical community doing research on “cannabis abuse” is to get you to stop consuming cannabis. If you feel like it is a better idea to listen to the medical community on this topic, it’s probably best that you stop using cannabis.

They say that lorazepam or haloperidol has provided relief for some people. Apparently their “usual” methods to relieve vomiting failed to work. These two prescription drugs, in my opinion, are very dangerous and have associated death with them.

Let’s look at the final methods for finding relief.

According to the person who discovered this condition was due to Azadirachtin, there are a few methods to find relief.

To find stomach relief you can drink, home-made honey mead. Who has home-made honey mead sitting around though?

Next, eating garlic pan-fried in olive oil. The claim, for how garlic works, is that it decreased the buildup of gas in the intestines and greatly reduced the pain, for a while.

Next. Fermented foods appropriate to your blood type. Here a list of a few fermented foods. Kefir, Kimchi, Kombucha, Miso, Natto, Pickles, Sauerkraut, Tempeh, Yogurt.

The theory, from the discoverer, is that the good bacteria, was killed from the Azadirachtin and the fermented food will put the good bacteria, back into your stomach and intestines.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this series, I feel confident that we are on the right track in catching the medical community in a lie.

Whether this lie was unleashed as a direct attack on cannabis, will be never be known. This very well could have been stealth warfare, on the cannabis plant and the cannabis community, to scare us into quitting cannabis. Or at least scare us back into agreeing with prohibition laws.

What is clear is that we need to have accurate information and we need to know who to listen to as we continue into the bright future of global legalization laws that will allow us to travel the world with our cannabis in our pocket.

Joe Powers

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