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Margaret Cho Riding High with Colorado Cannabis Tours

Friday September 25, 2015

Comedian Margaret Cho Joins Colorado Cannabis Tours for a Private Tour of Denver’s Recreational Cannabis Scene


Comedian, writer, and activist Margaret Cho makes her way to Colorado this month, accompanied by the TruTV crew, to take an exclusive look inside Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry on a private tour with Denver’s original cannabis tour company, Colorado Cannabis Tours.

The outspoken comedian and actress, known for her consistently hilarious and frequently provocative stand up, has previously expressed an interest in Colorado’s budding legal marijuana industry. Earlier this year, in an interview with the Cannabist, she suggested marijuana has always been an essential ingredient in the creation of comedy:

“It’s a miracle for comedians. Comics are not necessarily your average stoners, but that is the drug of comedy. Almost all comics, regardless of level and place, are fueled by marijuana, and it’s been that way forever.”

Colorado Cannabis Tours looks forward to showing Cho and her crew the varied and exciting world of Colorado cannabusiness, well into Colorado’s second year of legalized, recreational marijuana. The private tour will include stops at CCT favorites including the legendary Medicine Man dispensary, where she’ll have an opportunity to check out the famous Green Mile and find out what exactly goes into growing Colorado’s finest.

Private tours and concierge cannabis services are all part of the growing roster of services offered by Colorado Cannabis Tours, alongside original favorites including their authentic cannabis tour and 420-friendly accommodations. With visitors arriving in Denver in record numbers to witness the historic emergence of the world’s first fully legalized recreational marijuana industry, Colorado Cannabis Tours hopes to provide travelers with a more personalized and user-friendly cannabis experience by offering services that take much of the guesswork out of planning the perfect weed-centric, 420-friendly vacation.

CCT is thrilled to play host to Cho during her visit and looks forward to getting a personal taste of her famously sharp sense of humor. Check out this video of Cho, in a very blunt-laced conversation with Snoop Dogg during on appearance on his weekly GGN series:

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