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Medical Marijuana – Top 5 Books

Medical Marijuana Top 5 Books

Sure we can find a ton of information online about medical marijuana, but nothing beats having a having a few reliable resources on your bookshelf. Here are my favorite go-tos that like to keep on hand. Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana by Michael Backes and Andrew Weil Evidence-based information on using cannabis for ailments … Keep reading..

Patient Story: Diana

Patient Story Diana

Sometimes, you meet people who change your life in unexpected ways. One beautiful Colorado morning, Diana and her husband signed up for a Colorado Cannabis Tour to round out their weed-centric vacation. I noticed them immediately as I hopped on the bus. “I LOVE your pants. They have bongs on them, with bows!” I exclaimed … Keep reading..

You Should Know: Linda Horan

Linda Horan was dying when she sued the state of New Hampshire. She was 64 and in the midst of late stage cancer of the lung. As a former labor activist, fighting for her rights was not a new concept for Horan…but she was fighting for something new this time. Linda Horan wanted the right … Keep reading..