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The 6 Must-See Attractions Around Colorado Springs

  Pikes Peak The most visible and looming attraction in Colorado Springs is Pikes Peak, one of the tallest peaks along the Rocky Mountains. Visitors can choose from three options to get to the top: they can hike it (an all-day affair), drive on the mountain’s winding road (about an hour-long trip), or they can … Keep reading..

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

  In Colorado, you’ll find a coffee shop on practically every street corner. The trick is finding that cafe with the perfect balance of atmosphere, bonus goodies, and, of course, amazing coffee. This guide includes coffee shops that hit all three criteria, ensuring a total experience on top of a guaranteed morning rush. Additionally, these … Keep reading..

How To Spot A Potsquatch? Hazard Or Hero?


BREAKING NEWS Potsquatch sighting are on the rise! First spotted, by 22News’ team, in front of PotCo, in Springfield Massachusetts. While the news team was doing a live weather broadcast, they accidentally filmed the legendary Potsquatch. Little did they know who or what this creature is, could have been or was capable of. All we … Keep reading..

Things To Do in Denver While You’re Stoned

While visiting Denver, there’s plenty to do from sight-seeing and dispensary-hopping, to checking out the local food scene. In between all of that, you might want to get in on a little culture as well.  Here’s 7 things to do while stoned in the Denver. -Arcades are a fun way to interact, whether you’re getting … Keep reading..

Single Stoner’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Being single on one the most romantic holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day, can be a real drag or some of us still hanging out in the singles pool. And while it may seem easy to get down in the dumps around this time, here are some tips for making sure to take good care … Keep reading..

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Cannabis has been known to strengthen bonds, relieve tension, enhance mood, stimulate laughter, inspire adventure, elevate creativity and heighten sensations. It’s no wonder this passionate plant has found a meaningful place in romantic relationships. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the symbiotic relationship between cannabis and love by presenting your amor with one of these eight thoughtful … Keep reading..

Top 5 Restaurants in Denver

When in the Mile High City, one is apt to get the munchies. In a fast changing city such as Denver, it’s good to have a few solid spots to go for grub. People often ask me about my favorite spots, and while it’s hard to pick, these places have certainly found a special place … Keep reading..