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Relationships on Weed

  Relationships on Weed Romantic relationships can lift you up, support you when you need it and provide a sense of deep love and understanding to each partner. Or they can royally screw you up. Honestly, it’s how I feel about certain strains of marijuana, too. But unless you commit to completely isolating yourself (and … Keep reading..

Cannabis – Lost in Translation

Cannabis – Lost in Translation Reporters were getting it all wrong on January 15th, when stories began to flood the internet about the “cannabis drug” research trial. 6 people in the study had been hospitalized. As of this writing 1 research volunteer has died and 4 remaining 5 being hospitalized currently suffer from “deep necrotic … Keep reading..

4 Presents to Please Your Weed Lovin’ Man

4 Presents to Please Your Weed Lovin’ Man 1. Weed Apparel Button up shirts are boring gifts. They just are. Instead, pick from the seemingly unlimited choices when shopping for cannabis-inspired clothing. You name it and someone, somewhere, had made it with a pot leaf or two on it. Undies? Check. Adult footie pajamas? Check! … Keep reading..

3 Reasons To Grow Your Own Cannabis


3 Reasons To Grow  Your Own Cannabis In the cannabis industry, having a green thumb can be a very profitable skill.  It may not be naturally easy for everyone, but gardening can be very satisfying in a variety of ways. If cannabis is legal to grow in your state, we highly recommend you give it … Keep reading..

He Had Nothing Left To Lose – Cannabis Oil Brought Him Back

He Had Nothing To Lose Cannabis Oil Brought Him Back   When David Hibbitt, 32, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer his heart dropped. The expectation for his outcome was grim. The doctors gave him a mere 18 months to live. He decided to fight it. Hibbit did what many do, and quickly adopted … Keep reading..

Is Foria For You?

Is Foria For You?   Foria made their first headlines with a very…exciting…product. Weed lube. Yes, it is just what it sounds like. Foria offers a sexual lubricant, enhanced by the cannabis plant, that is said to set your bed on fire when used. In a pleasant way, not a scary way. Since its launch into … Keep reading..

Necessity is the Mother of Invention – This 4/20 Colorado Cannabis Tours is the Inventor.

Necessity is the mother of invention And this 4/20 Colorado Cannabis Tours is the inventor   This year the High Times Cannabis Cup moved the regularly scheduled 4/20 event in Denver, Colorado to California. This might have left a massive hole in the plans of thousands of tourists heading to Denver for the High Holidaze. … Keep reading..

5 Celebs Smoking Out on Instagram

5 Celebs Smoking Out on Instagram. Some celebrities can be very closed lipped about their cannabis use. We get it. But they’d be a lot cooler if they didn’t. We prefer the very open famous folk who really don’t care what you think about them smoking marijuana. Check out 5 of our favorites smoking out … Keep reading..