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Getting Doug with High Featuring Colorado Cannabis Tours!

Doug Benson took the Getting Doug With High show on the road in May, and the first out-of-state show was filmed in Denver, CO. SexPot Comedy presented, and fans of the show turned out to pack the Oriental Theater. Colorado Cannabis Tours booked marijuana-friendly lodging for Doug and his crew while they visited Denver, and also hosted Gabe the … Keep reading..

Puff, Pass & Paint comes to Washington DC!

Puff, Pass and Paint in Washington DC! Puff, Pass and Paint founder Heidi Keyes taught her inaugural class in Washington DC last week. It was held August 19.  It was a special class in many ways, the best being that her aunt Gail was able to attend. This unique DC event was held at the Purple Mansion … Keep reading..

Steakhouse Sniff Test

Steakhouse Sniff Test In North Charlotte, North Carolina, one Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is taking a stance. Things can get tense at the steakhouse, and they saw only one option available to them to rectify the problem. This Kabuto has railed against against hoodies…and weed. For several years, franchise owner Martin Tanaka has … Keep reading..

Adolescent Cannabis Use Declines

A recent study including over 215,000 adolescents spanning the 50 states is giving cannabis consumers good news. While the moral majority assumed and asserted that marijuana legalization would lead to an increase in use among children and teens, the study conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis discovered a very different story coming together. Cannabis … Keep reading..

Could Cannabis Protect You From Melanoma?

Cancer. It is a very scary word associated with an experience most people hope they will never have to personally deal with. Melanoma, or skin cancer, is something anyone can get because you can develop it simply from exposure to UV rays. Do you frequently go outside for long periods of time without first applying a liberal amount of UV sun … Keep reading..

Alaskan Cannabis Convention Samples Under Scrutiny.


Recently,  the second annual Northwest Cannabis Classic trade show took place at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Alaska.  Anchorage police department members were in attendance monitoring the crowd and their goings on.  Alaska Dispatch News provided insight from one of the officers, who stated, “We’re also here to make sure that no free … Keep reading..