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Roseanne Barr Announces Cannabis Dispensary & Product Line

Roseanne Barr announces cannabis dispensary and product line. Actress, comedian, nut farmer and one-time presidential hopeful Roseanne Barr announced her intentions to add to her resume this year, this time as a cannabis entrepreneur and investor. Early this week Barr announced her plans to open a dispensary in Santa Ana California. The dispensary (and accompanying … Keep reading..

Our favorite excerpts from Carl Sagan as Mr. X

Our favorite excerpts from Carl Sagan as Mr. X   Much like today, it wasn’t super acceptable for community leaders to come out as proponents for cannabis when Carl Sagan was bouncing around. So when Sagan had something to say he said it under the pseudonym, Mr. X.  Here are some of our favorite excerpts … Keep reading..

HELL NO! WE…Don’t Know Where To Go To Consume Cannabis?

HELL NO! WE…don’t know where to go. A Case for Vapor Lounges.   I  I just read an article in The Cannabist by Ed Murrieta—- about places to go vaporize pot in San Francisco, California. There were at least five places in the city where a person can either purchase cannabis and use it in … Keep reading..

6 Ways Cannabis is the Key to Eternal Youth

6 Ways Cannabis is the Key to Eternal Youth The human body is a very unique and complex machine – and that isn’t news to anyone. What is news to a lot of people is how cannabis can help that human body – and there are countless way. But we’ve got to start somewhere.   … Keep reading..

Why Vaping Won’t Stop Joint Smoking.

In early March I finally saw an article I’d been waiting to see for some time. One that really spoke to my point of view on a particular subject. And there it was, on cannabis centric media website Civilized, In Defense of Joints: 7 Reasons Vaping Won’t Replace Smoking.   I was ecstatic -no -beyond … Keep reading..

5 Celebrities That MIGHT Be Getting Rich Off Legal Weed

We don’t know these celebrities LIVES…but chances are these folks are raking in the dough sooner or later thanks to LEGAL cannabis. Who do you think has a shot at getting it right? 1. Rose McGowan Miss Rose McGowan has been doing her own thing for years, but has really been going for it lately. … Keep reading..

You Should Meet: The Sisters of CBD.

You Should Meet: The Sisters of CBD. We at Colorado Cannabis Tour first learned about The Sisters of The Valley or Sisters of CBD through a short news article in January. The Sisters were being called the “Weed Nuns” by VICE and “Sister Act-ivists” by others. They are wearing traditional habit style clothes in all … Keep reading..

7 Wonders of the Weed Mecca or How We Upped Our Denver 420 Game

7 Wonders of the Weed Mecca or How We Upped Our Denver 420 Game With this year’s usual 4/20 Colorado Cannabis Cup being held in California instead (there will still be an awards presentation and a concert from High Times on 4/19), we at Colorado Cannabis Tours wanted to do everything we could to make sure the … Keep reading..

Quickie: WTF Happened With The Cannabis Cup

Pueblo High Times Cannabis Cup 2016

This year, High Times has moved the US Cannabis Cup to California. For real. Now this super cool graphic we created is going to go waste. So…WTF happened? Earlier this year, the High Times US Cannabis Cup 2016 made news when it was revealed that their annual event at the Denver Mart would not go down … Keep reading..